FaceMyDoc Review

FaceMyDoc Review

FaceMyDoc: Is it Legit or a Scam?

I first heard of FaceMyDoc about a year ago via the digital marketing space. After seeing some posts on forums and social media, I finally decided to check FaceMyDoc out for myself.

I personally preferred their vibe to that of other companies. It felt like their entire platform is specifically meant for beginners just starting out in telehealth.

And it’s not just a software platform; FaceMyDoc is the only company that I know of in the space that offers an entire turn-key business opportunity for licensed healthcare providers. From software, medical billing, risk management, patient marketing and everything else you need to start your own virtual clinic, the FaceMyDoc “Practice-in-a-Box” solution seems like the perfect alternative to opening a physical practice.

Now I know there are no shortcuts (almost) or get rich quick tactics that will lead to success.


But I noticed a lot of other highly respected entrepreneurs (doctors and non-medical alike) were saying great things about FaceMyDoc AND their courses and coaching program developed by CEO Anthony Licausi.

So, I took a deep dive into Anthony’s background and realized my initial impression was completely wrong!

He really knows his stuff, and he genuinely cares about his providers and partners.

Yes, FaceMyDoc is aimed at beginners, but Anthony and his team know marketing from top to bottom. They’re also great for any kind of coaching or consulting that needs to be done.

I’m so impressed, I felt like I needed to set the record straight with this review.

In this review, I’ll cover:

  • What is FaceMyDoc?
  • Why is FaceMyDoc so Popular?
  • The reason this is NOT like any other healthcare opportunity
  • Is FaceMyDoc a Scam?
  • Who is FaceMyDoc for?
  • FaceMyDoc pricing
  • Whether or not it’s worth the price

Let’s jump right in!

What is FaceMyDoc?

FaceMyDoc is a comprehensive online platform for aspiring telehealth entrepreneurs made up of their Practice-In-A-Box™ telemed software, medical billing, patient marketing, newly added digital courses, one-on-one coaching and more. It’s founder and CEO is Anthony Licausi.

The brand produces training materials at all levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

It’s one of the most comprehensive, popular, and beginner-friendly telehealth platform and academies out there.

Let me sum it up for you:

FaceMyDoc is an online community for licensed healthcare providers to learn how to become successful telehealth business owners through amazing software, training products for marketing and a great support and coaching program. It’s not one product—it’s a suite of different products.

Why is FaceMyDoc so Popular?

FaceMyDoc is the most popular telehealth brand out there because it’s one of the only websites that offers a comprehensive, virtual practice setup for as low as $13 per day!

Their Insider’s Guide to Practice Marketing is one of the best entry-level marketing books I’ve ever read, and it costs less than $50.

Imagine a university that offered classes to students on everything from basic marketing right up to private masterminds with high-earning entrepreneurs, but charged as little as $199 for real courses.

Of course, the high-level training programs cost tons of money. But if you actually reach that level, you probably won’t care about the price. For instance, their Investment Banking Guide to Private Practice M&A teaches you everything you need to acquire an established practice from structuring specialized financial transactions to negotiating with banks on loan rates.

Is FaceMyDoc a Scam?

No, FaceMyDoc is NOT a scam. I’ve been through most of the products (besides one-on-one coaching), and they are full of great info that will help you build a business. 

Aside from their platform, Anthony offers training materials, coaching, and live events to HELP YOU build a business as well as an affiliate program to help skilled marketers earn money for referrals. You have to put in the work or you’ll get nothing.

He does not promise this will make you rich or earn you anything overnight.

In fact, his disclaimer says the exact opposite:

He even says that the average affiliate income projects earn between $500 – $2000.

To me, a scam is a deceptive business that promises you the moon in an attempt to cheat you out of your money. 

FaceMyDoc is NOT that. Anthony promises comprehensive, cutting-edge training, an awesome software platform and a fair referral program. And from what I’ve seen, he delivers on all of it.

(Side note: I emailed him at about 12 midnight PST to get his permission before posting this article and he wrote me back within 20 minutes. Now normally I wouldn’t be too impressed with that but once I found out he was in New York, it was almost 4AM there and he was STILL working from the prior day….I was blown away. Apparently the guy is a machine and has plans to build FaceMyDoc “into a multi-billion dollar company” as he described to me in response to my amazement with his work ethic.)

Now I will be 100% honest. I’m not a fan of some of the branding elements like “90-day business builder challenge” or the “live your dreams” vibe. But that’s far from a scam. It’s just my personal preference.

Verdict- is FaceMyDoc legit?

Yes, FaceMyDoc is 100% legit. I’ve been keeping a tab on them for a while, and based on my conversations with people in this industry and reviews around the web, anyone who would claim it’s a “scam” either didn’t work hard enough or put Anthony’s training to good use.

Who is FaceMyDoc for?

FaceMyDoc is mostly for complete beginners, lower-intermediate, and intermediate healthcare providers who want to learn the core concepts behind successful telehealth businesses so they can grow their own.

For example, once you do the 90-Day Business Builder Challenge, you’ll have the base of knowledge behind every successful website, eCom brand, and popular social media channels that exist.

Overall, the training is easy to digest and direct. Plus, you get a one-on-one advisor and regular assessment to make sure you’re learning (great for people like me…).