Today has announced that FaceMyDoc is their top choice for Video Appointment Software, ranking them the #1 Telemedicine Platform for 20108.

The team at looked at 6 different platforms and scored them on ease of use, speed, security and customer service. FaceMyDoc, the web-based telemedicine platform developed by ConnectATD, Inc. was the staff favorite with a 5-star rating, the highest rating among all 6 platforms.  FaceMyDoc is the only telemedicine software on the market today that has real-time scheduling which integrates directly into a healthcare provider’s calendar system.  The platform was built for mobile and runs on laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones across Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

FaceMyDoc doesn’t require that patients or providers download anything- instead, the software is accessed through your web browser.  Patients can see their providers availability in real time and book accordingly, receiving both text and email notifications of their upcoming appointments. Providers and their staff can process the appointment request from inside the FaceMyDoc web dashboard and launch HIPAA compliant HD video chat with a click of a button.  The entire process is extremely simple and straightforward, with a clean user interface and perfectly crisp audio and video during the appointment.

Anthony Licausi, CEO of ConnectATD, Inc. the software developer behind FaceMyDoc told us “From day one of development, we knew we would have to create a product that is ultra easy to use.  It needed to be accessible from anywhere without the need for a download, so that’s what we built- a web-based software platform that delivers an unparalleled telemedicine experience .”  He elaborated on core features of the software as well, saying  “our entire mission has been driven by increasing patient engagement but at the end of the day, doctors are in business to make money.  It’s all about efficiency. And maximizing use of the doctors time with real time scheduling capabilities has allowed us to do that.”

FaceMyDoc is unique among their competition as the platform can be customized with additional features for a specific practice, clinic or hospital.  Jawaad Khan, Lead Developer of FaceMyDoc stated “Our focus was on building the best software possible using the latest technology stack, completely from the ground up.  While other products on the market make use of general APIs and may have a few more features like online waiting rooms, we thought it best to keep the product as simple as possible.  Our development team focused the core build around video chat and integrated scheduling- the two most important ingredients to success for doctors who are new to telemedicine. As far as customization is concerned, we can take any idea a practice has and build it into a white labeled version of the product just for them.”

The team at ConnectATD, the New York-based tech company who developed FaceMyDoc, also offers their expertise to doctors and healthcare professionals in the form of social media management, web design & development and digital marketing.  Francesco Gupta, Chief Strategy Officer of ConnectATD said “We feel very strongly about helping doctors spread the word about themselves.  What better way to do that than through effective social media management and digital marketing?  We use the top rated ad technology products on the market and can target prospective patients based on specific data sets and geo-location in relation to the doctor’s office.  Many doctors I know still don’t even have their own website so we decided to make it part of our mission to help them strengthen their online presence in every way possible.”