MDLIVE: Your Doctor Will See You Now- via Skype

Rated the #6 Telemedicine Platform for 2018 on, MDLIVE provides solutions for non-emergency conditions, pediatric, dermatological and mental health issues through the largest network of providers in the US. Looking after the needs of 27 million users nationwide, it offers patient-to-doctor distant visits via mobile devices, using an online video call system built on Skype.

The Florida-based private telehealth service is a great option for people who, due to their location, don’t have access to the provider they would need, or their lifestyles make them too busy to visit a health practitioner. Offering cost-effective medical care tailored to the patient’s personal needs and health insurance plan, MDLIVE is in contract with Board Certified doctors and consultants who are registered and trained by the National Committee for Quality Assurance and the American Telemedicine Association. The providers are also verified by the National Physician Database and the American Medical Association.

MDLIVE claims to ensure discreet, safe, fast and effective healthcare, delivered at home or on the go. They also offer writing and sending prescriptions to your pharmacy of choice (if advised by the doctor). Sounds just about perfect – now let’s talk about expenses. 
MDLIVE advertises their service as affordable, quality care which also helps you save on traveling to the doctor’s office. Looking at their price range, it indeed seems budget-friendly: according to their website, MDLIVE offers treatment for over 50 routine medical conditions starting from $75 or less, psychiatric care for an initial fee of $259 (with follow-up visits costing $99), and dermatology starting from $69 or less. The company also provides counseling, dealing with a variety of issues from addictions to LGBTQ support, at a price point of $99 or less. Prices vary depending on the patient’s insurance. The idea behind MDLIVE is to offer revolutionary remote access to instant, convenient and high-quality medical care which doesn’t break the bank. The company also keeps the protection of personal data a priority which is essential in healthcare.

So how does it work? Signing up and activating an account is completely free and easy-to-do via their website, phone or MDLIVE’s free mobile app (for iOS and Android). The patient has to pay before the visit, providing their credit card information. Through their app, MDLIVE also rethought the definition of a health assistant, using a virtual employee called Sophie, who helps to inform the patient while enhancing the user experience. What we must mention, however, is that MDLIVE (or any telemedicine platform) cannot substitute your primary care doctor or any emergency care; in case of a life-threatening emergency, please dial 911 immediately.

Having listed all the claims and promises, we also have looked at customer reviews. On Glassdoor, MDLIVE has three stars out of five, many of the reviews claiming that although the professionalism of the medical staff isn’t to be questioned, the work ethics of the executive team and managers definitely don’t suit such a company. Some reviewers (including former employees) mentioned the lack of innovation when it comes to the technologies used by the service. Therefore it should be mentioned, although the concept of MDLIVE is based on great ideas, the execution itself should be further improved and developed to ensure a top place for the company in such an ever-growing market.