Is the Telemedicine Service Worth It?

Telemedicine services have recently made their way into the medical sector and are increasing in popularity by the day. An increasing number of professionals are trusting telemedicine services more than traditional ones, with patients following suit as well. Much like with almost every other sector that’s been revolutionized by technology, everyone related to the medical world are embracing the flexibility and the ease of access that telemedicine services are providing them.

Not only do they allow clinics and professionals to operate more efficiently, but they also allow patients to connect with their doctors off the grid. It’s a service that works wonders for both doctors and patients. One of the leading names in telemedicine that’s being making waves everywhere is A trusted platform, has earned its popularity because of a number of reasons. Let’s take a look at them and if they hold merit or not.

What Offers

The first thing that sets apart from a number of its competitors is the fact that it’s a free service. Whereas other telemedicine services offer a number of different facilities for the customers to make use of, they often do so at a price. does it all for free, making it a great tool for just about anyone.  However the free version is limited in it’s features and capabilities.

Furthermore, is a platform that offers maximum flexibility and usability to anyone wanting to try it out. Unlike most other services, you don’t need to install Instead, you can just use the live version from anywhere and not have to worry about the security. It’s an on the go service that offers you complete control at any time and from anywhere.

Moreover, is also available on more than just one platform. Each one of its facilities are designed and optimized to work smoothly on desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. It’s a platform that you can use just about anywhere and not have to bother with having to install something at every other device. It’s a homogeneous system that’s conducive to human interaction.

On the side of the facilities that brings you, it’s just about everything a medical professional would need. allows you to keep records of every single patient, log and record data about consultations, view and schedule appointments, carry out video sessions, while also offering payment options and solutions on the platform itself.

Ultimately, is a telemedicine platform that sets itself apart from the others based on just how easy and how simple it is to use it. If you’re looking for a telemedicine service that offers a large number of facilities but is free to use, is the thing for you. More than just the fact that it’s cheap, is also quite easy to use and performs its functions respectably well.