The Swiss company is partnering with Fitabase to give its line of mHealth wearables a connected health platform, from which clinical and research programs can draw digital health data.

– Garmin has signed a partnership to integrate its mHealth wearables with a digital health platform for clinical research, putting the Swiss company on line to compete with Fitbit and Apple for connected health projects.

The company will be working with Fitabase, a San Diego-based research company known for its work with Fitbit, to integrate digital health data from its wearables. Fitabase has reportedly worked with more than 150 academic and clinical partners on some 500 digital health projects.

Officials say the partnership will help supply healthcare providers and researchers with data taken directly from wearables, rather than relying on users to send in that data. That integration aims to give providers a much objective view of the user’s daily life.

“Much of today’s research is based on episodic health data or patient memories,” Travis Johnson, Garmin Heath’s global product lead, said in a press release. “The objective is that continuous data from Garmin wearables provides researchers a comprehensive window into activity, heart rate, sleep, and even pulse ox data that may help to better understand the relationship between lifestyle behaviors and health outcomes.”